More often than not, the organisations have to procure new technologies, professional consulting and systems integration services to build the foundation of their digital transformation journey. Being too close to the current technology landscape and inundated with claims (and counterclaims) of competing vendors, introduces capacity and capability constraints for the customer organisations. It limits their ability to leverage the best of technology available within the realms of their operating environment and organisation culture. We bring that independent view and understanding of the cutting edge technology landscape combined with empathy, to their procurement process.

We provide that trusted advisor role throughout the procurement process across all its tenets. Whether it is a build versus buy or leveraging the existing investments versus rationalising the current technology estate, we stand by our clients as a safe pair of hands. We fulfil that role of an intelligence client during the entire process to navigate the information clutter and bring in the technology insight for well-informed decision-making. Our approach is to embrace the future of technology with full exploitation of the existing investments, keeping the overall organisation culture and readiness in mind. We bring the integrated service design in the equation to address the risks associated with multi-vendor scenario and de-risk drop in customer experience during the transition phase. If required, we provide on-going quality assurance to support our customers during the implementation, transition and benefit realisation phases to demonstrate our commitment and belief in the technology choices made with them.

Our IT assurance and delivery and enterprise architecture propositions complement procurement support services, wherever needed. This brings in a single point of accountability for our customers, saving their valuable management time. We have consistently reduced total cost of technology solution ownership for our customers by 10-15% and prepared their internal teams to exploit it to the fullest potential.

Our Propositions