The majority of the world’s financial services organisations have been impacted by the industry’s recent turbulence. We have seen a major correction in the financial imbalances and asset prices that rocked the global economy and have yet to recover fully.Customer spending has dramatically decreased, moving the agenda of senior managers from growth to survival.

Regulators have switched their attention from the open markets to tighter controls over risk and capital, and the governments have intervened in the banking markets to ensure its ongoing stability. These changes to the market present a significant challenge as well as an opportunity for the financial services industry. Our propositions help the financial services industry to deal with the regulatory reform, which is substantially changing the way banks think about their credit, market, and portfolio risks.

We enable industry convergence and market structure shifts, which have positioned participants around customer results by providing connectivity and inter-operability along side value chain redefinition and integration. Our multi-channel integration programme proposition and technology platform integration solutions enable increased demand for customer-focused financial services organisations that offer tailored value propositions and high-quality customer services.