Technology companies are facing challenges on multiple fronts. While technology services organisations are faced with the dilemma of balancing their value proposition portfolio between the established service lines and the ever-changing digital services, the disrupters in the platform space face the challenges of changing expectations on leadership, governance and corporate social responsibility, in addition to those associated with business scalability.

Robotics and artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on the entire industry. There is significant fear surrounding these areas. A healthy degree of fear is actually a good thing. However, that fear should be channelled towards the creation of good policy around the application of robotics technology and artificial intelligence. The optimal state is the one in which robots are employed to do the jobs that take the most toll on human well-being and the artificial intelligence is used to complement human ingenuity, thereby creating a better working environment for all.

Maintaining innovation will be another key challenge and disrupting from within will be a key priority. There is incredible potential for the established companies and the young start-ups to come together to foster entrepreneurship, leverage new technologies, and spur internal disruption.

Diversity in technology sector is an on-going serious issue despite some progress made in the recent years. Only about 7% of the Fortune 1000 companies are led by female CEOs. Leaders should encourage diversity across their teams, promote open conversation and set the expectation for inclusive collaboration across the company.

We help technology companies overcome their long-term challenges through our services of strategy, business design and management team development. In the near to mid-term, we provide them with specific support in the areas of large deal strategy, value proposition development and complex transformation design. We help start-ups identify and nurture partnerships with the established organisations, develop and grow their management team and above all formulate and implement corporate governance and regulatory compliance strategy.

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