Executive Leadership Learning and Development

Digital economy is driving the need for a leadership, which is constantly evolving and always challenging the status quo. The two megatrends of digitisation and service orientation has made business model transformation a key priority for many leaders. In the public services space, digital delivery of services and engagement with the members of public across multiple channels cohesively is driving the leadership to bring digital transformation at the forefront of the executive agenda. Leadership is constantly being pushed to its boundaries to stay ahead of the game.

While Leadership character is the foundation of effective leadership, it is not sufficient alone. Form represents the skills and knowledge that adapt and change depending on the leader’s level. Form is the vehicle that equips leaders and managers to influence colleagues and direct reports. Based on in-depth research and practical experience, competent leadership at all levels requires a core set of skills to drive strategy, achieve results and create employee engagement. These skills cover a wide range, from communicating effectively to coaching, setting goals to executing strategy, managing change to leading innovation and managing conflict to influencing to achieve objectives.

In the end, effective leadership is about both Essence and Form—clarity of purpose for what one wants to be as a leader, and the ability to execute with requisite skills and knowledge. Only through this integration of Essence and Form can a leader effectively engage others in fully committing their energy, creativity and talents for greater organisational success.

We help the leadership of private and public sector to attain that form though structured leadership development courses and follow-up support. Our courses include digital transformation and complex transformation programme design and delivery. We offer co-branded courses with leading institutions and management schools, as well as tailor made courses for an individual organisation. Our courses benefit from structured models and methodologies developed by us over years of practical life experiences of delivering successful transformation strategies and programmes. They use real life case studies to bring that realism, much needed to provide the confidence and conviction to the executive leadership. Our courses range from one-day capsule course to a week of intense interactive problem solving deep dive programmes. We are working with some management institutes and universities to create a full module course within their existing executive development programmes.