When it comes to multi-vendor, multi-year and multi-million pound transformation programmes, organisations need to be sure that they are on track for success. In a world of increasing accountability and tighter scrutiny, executive management needs to know that their flagship programme will be delivered on time, on budget – and with the benefits identified in the business case.

We provide robust programme assurance for our client organisations sitting alongside their major transformation teams and embed robust assurance processes in the programme design. We provide that independent positive challenge backed up with cross industry expertise, by asking the right questions and deploying the right processes, control points and tools. When a programme has not gone as per plan, we work with the programme teams to bring the programme back on track. Our approach to recovering business critical programmes involves focusing on the ‘must do’, building a credible recovery strategy and restoring confidence across all stakeholders. We identify the key factors leading to the failure points of the programme and re-define the programme blueprint once the recovery strategy is agreed. Transparent performance dashboard for the key stakeholders are designed and implemented by us to ensure performance management and objectivity.Most organisations have enough capacity and capability to embark upon a major transformation programme.

However, in order to deliver with speed, manageable risk and optimum focus, they need the wider delivery experience and proven frameworks. We implement InnoTransform©, our transformation programme delivery framework combined with the business benefit delivery measurement model. Our team of delivery experts have the right skills and character to fit seamlessly into our customer’s programme environment to co-create value.

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