In the digital economy, public services are compared with any other consumer services and products. We help public and private sector organisations deploy design thinking, digital technologies and complex transformation programme management to successfully design and deliver digital transformation blueprint.

The government agencies should use some of the private sector’s methods of brand engagement to take into account the customer’s relationship with the government as a brand. Once we put the basic functionality in place by way of joined up services underpinned by a digital platform, we help the government create the right brand experience, engagement and personalisation based on their services and target audience. Digital transformation is on the top of every government’s agenda. Irrespective of the digital maturity of the organisation, there are five clear elements that affect digital transformation within the government – strategy, leadership, skills, digital culture and customer focus. While using the digital technologies to reach out to people looks very attractive and politically savvy, focusing purely on technology and simple outreach could be limiting. When designing a digital public service, the focus has to be on the complete service design and not just the digital bits.

We work with the government organisations to design and deliver their digital transformation programmes collaboratively by focusing not only on the whole service design but also the operating model underpinning it. We provide the leadership with the confidence of proven experiences across the private sector and the public services. Our approach is to develop their digital vision into executable joined up programmes to deliver defined business outcomes. We act as their trusted advisors building internal readiness, capabilities and capacity. Our aim is to enable our customer organisation and significantly reduce our involvement within a very short period of time, to deliver sustainable and embedded change.

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