Public services across the world are facing challenges in the touch financial times both from funding perspective and citizen expectations. Citizens are increasingly comparing the services offered by the government agencies with what they get as a consumer from private sector in their daily lives.

This trend is now going beyond selected demographics. Developing counties are presented with an opportunity to take a leapfrog jump on public service delivery based on digital models, as they lack investment and infrastructure to upgrade their physical delivery capabilities. The challenge for public sector leadership is both from the operating model and culture perspective. Changing the business model is a long process and management continuity to see it through is a challenge. Public services leaders do have the ambitions and commitment to nurture innovation at par with the private sector corporate leadership. However, they are governed by the public sector ethos, as against the shareholder value creation goal of the private sector.

Innotatio operates globally in partnership with its public services clients, to deliver efficient services to the members of public, victims and other stakeholders through technology-enabled transformation programmes, delivering change both at the front line operations and in the back-office support processes. We believe in facilitating transformational change in the way our clients deliver services and run their business operations. We commit to deliver cashable and non-cashable savings to these organisations combined with enhanced productivity, efficiency and citizen experiences.