In the digital economy, enterprise architecture provides the foundation for keeping the technology focussed on the business vision, while responding effectively to the technology trends. Agile and swift delivery of enterprise architecture is becoming a pre-requisite for successful organisations. Our team works with the business and technology leadership to deliver synchronised enterprise architecture.

Technology has become the new frontier of competitive advantage. Organisations face significant challenges from the disruptors whose business models could reshape the entire landscape swiftly using technology. The old debate of business technology alignment is over and the business strategy is underpinned by technology strategy right from the start of the journey. In this scenario, enterprise architecture enables the on-going alignment of business processes with the right technology solutions.

Technology leaders of today are embedding their teams right into the heart of business design teams to co-create value. We help these leaders develop their enterprise architecture by working with the combined business and technology teams and putting it right in the centre of business strategy. This approach enables senior business and technology executives transform data into valuable management insights. It sets the business direction and helps IT remain focussed on one vision of the future. Leveraging our industry specific reference architecture(s) and design studio framework with tools, we help our customers jumpstart development of their enterprise architecture, while accelerating benefit realisation with lower levels of risk. Our customers have achieved direct cost savings of up to 25% on their technology costs and indirect savings ranging from 15 – 40% from cost avoidance and risk reduction.

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