Using proven reference frameworks and design studio
to avoid cost and reduce risk?

In the digital age, many organisations see enterprise architecture more like a validation function as against keeping it central to the digital transformation agenda. With the right external support on design studio and leadership, the enterprise architecture takes the centre stage in the transformation journey.

Enterprise architecture is a key enabler for digital transformation. However, high complexity, longer cycle time to deliver and poor quality of enterprise architecture leadership can result in stakeholder confidence issues around the effectiveness of enterprise architecture in digital transformation.

Many organisations face this challenge of enterprise architecture not being considered as a key enabler of digital transformation. Some of the common reasons are:

  • There is often no capability or process model in place and grounds up enterprise architecture development takes a lot of resource, spread over a long period of time
  • The enterprise architecture team and its leadership lack the right talent to cope with the business and technology challenges and the digital age onslaught on the organisation
  • Enterprise architecture is more focused on compliance than strategic planning
  • The enterprise architecture team uses architecture methods by the book and does not adapt the practical methods
  • The governance desired by the enterprise architecture team in agile programmes is similar to those applied in the large monolithic programmes and it becomes a hindrance to the core agility principles of digital transformation

In cases like this, it is important to seek outside help to supplement or augment the internal capability and capacity. An external partner who can provide genuine industry specific process frameworks, a design studio with significant knowledge base and toolsets (to do quick evaluation of architecture options with much lower costs) and supplement the leadership gap from its pool of professional leaders, provides a sound option to address these issues.

We have a well-developed design studio with a repository of industry specific reference architectures, digital technology platforms and integration frameworks to rejuvenate and supplement an organisation’s internal enterprise architecture team and bring it to the core of the digital transformation agenda.