The police, crown prosecution services, courts, prisons and probation services – all of these are elements of what we call as the Justice Value Chain©. There is significant value to be unlocked from each one of these elements and their interfaces within the value chain, to deliver an efficient public service. Regulatory frameworks are seen as a challenge in integrating this Justice Value Chain©.

Governments across the world are under significant budgetary pressure and the front line services are severely challenged. The digital natives are demanding a significantly different service from these organisations while another segment of the society still feels safe by having the Bobbies on the beat. The leadership is constantly challenged by this dilemma of two different sets of expectations against a shrinking budget and ever increasing complex borderless criminal threats.

We are trusted advisors to this sector to meet their challenges.


  • Iterate with the leadership to bring in efficiency in the current operating model
  • Innovate with their teams to self-disrupt
  • Act with a sense of urgency to implement

Whether it is collaboration with the local partners/emergency services players or redefining their response to demands, we work with the executive management to evaluate their strategic options, develop and implement their transformation blueprint. We share our deep expertise in complex transformation programme management to create internal capacity and capabilities in order to deliver and sustain change.